Web Presence, Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition and Business Support

This is a B2B Campaign that offers a full business Online Presence, Support Services (Email, Telephone, Text and Social Media response) as well as Lead Generation in Real Time via Google, Bing and Facebook Ads.
Once we identify the business need then we would create an online business presence via either a Landing Page , dedicated website or Online Store and we would create specific campaigns that would generate real time customers. The Online leads would either call the business directly (Pay Per Call Ads) or fill in a form (Search, Display or Lead Ads). We then offer to direct the customers directly to the businesses, or if they do not have capacity then we can contact the customers directly and schedule appointments, answer queries etc.
We also Offer Content Creation services for the Business Website as well as Social Media Channels. Customer Engagement is also done using Email Marketing, telephone (GDPR Compliant ), Text Messages or Via Social Media.
Basically we offer a full service to assist businesses get an online presence and generate Customer Initiated Leads.
Between $100= $150 per closed Sale
Paid within 48hrs of Sale
Online Presence Package
and Google Business Listing
£400 per Website OR £750 per E Commerce Site. Customer Acquisition and Lead Generation starts from an additional £10 per day. 
Business Support Service
Free with Web Design Packages or monthly from £150

Info and Script

Please check if “Business” has;
1. Website- Simple Google Search
2. Facebook Page- Simple Google or Facebook Search. If multiple
results then please add town, city, postcode.
3. Google Business Listing- Simply Google the business name and
check if it appears with a map on the top right hand side of the
search results….


Good Morning/ Good Afternoon

I am calling from ‘Get Customers Today Marketing’, we are a specialist Online Marketing Agency that focuses on generating new customers for all types of businesses.

1. Would you be interested in getting more customers to your business?

YES- Great, can you tell me how you are currently promoting your business?
– I see that you do not have a website or any web presence. Now as I am sure you are aware, most consumers are searching for businesses and services online and on the go using their mobile devices. What we aim to do is promote your services online using Paid Advertising to generate REAL TIME CUSTOMERS

NO- Why would you not be interested in getting more customers to your business?



A quick summary about our services , we are an Online User Acquisition and Lead generation agency that focuses on getting more customers to your door or get appointments made by advertising and promoting your business online using Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and even Instagram Ads, We create specific Landing Pages or custom websites for our clients and we manage the whole process, from creating the websites, managing them, adding new content, creating online ads as well as testing and regularly optimizing these ads to ensure the best results. We can create the ads in a way that suits your business best so for example if you are looking for more customers to call you to schedule an appointment then we can create a CALL Ad or if you would like to create a form to colllect customer details then we can do that also. We can even call the customers for you, email exisitng customers as well as new prospects and keep customers engaged on Social Need Channels (if you have these already in place()


COST TO YOU-£400 TO £750
£400 for Basic Website
£750 for ECommerce Website

-Fully own the website for life

One time cost and site belong to you


Businesses make half of the payment initially and the remaining payment is request post delivery (within 7 working days)


Please complete the below SLA in order to start

Web Design- TAS Agreement.docx

Kind regards,
Mo Trawally

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